Katharsis the Culture Space


The Culture Space Katharsis exists since 1992 in Nansensgade, Copenhagen and is a non-commercial organisation with exclusive artistic and cultural activity featuring world artists.
The Culture Space Katharsis primarily promotes Art and Art related Culture.

MARIELLA BRANDUSA-film-still-copy-right
Mariella Brandusa A Film-still

The Culture Space Katharsis organises exhibitions, Events and Visual art shows in collaboration with galleries, contemporary art centres from Denmark and international aiming to:

– present the Danish public and artistic community the trends and international concepts of contemporary visual art.
– promote Danish and foreign artist who already have international notoriety,
– discover and support genuine artists.
The Culture Space Katharsis works as a meeting place and a place of information and learning about contemporary art, initiating debates, round tables and presentations.
The Culture Space Katharsis promotes Art in it’s various techniques, gengre and media.
The Culture Space Katharsis promotes primarelly Art and Culture projects that implie a broader humanistic spectrum.
The Culture Space Katharsis promotes and organise features of Visionary art video, installation and digital art, photography and multimedia projects but also supports interdisciplinary projects which illustrate the relationships between new media, experimental and more traditional artistic techniques.
Artists affiliated love Art and it’s various techniques.