How Does It Feel?
THE GIFT, Complete room painting in The Culture Space KATHARSIS, by Mariella Brandusa, Octavian Neagu, Saskia Te Nicklin

Where are all the flowers gone? War splittes the world, death and living people are twisted in confusion about reason and meaning. Questions rises as forests; without end, cathedrals of branches and leaves, big frightening contorsionated roots block the path; no visible sky, no opening; an artificially planted jungle surround’ us. Where is the way out of this labyrinth? Why… …Why do flowers persistently grow?

This is an Art project about Katharsis, about producing sublimation from life’s reality.
Like a cocoon of colours and positive words, wrapted in a gift-paper, the visitor of the Space is pampered and becomes a precious gift. Add some well chosen music and a cat… The best visited exhibition in town and the happiest became a reality in Copenhagen.
This project, How does it feel, was created as a reaction to the increased rational- creativity that most (northen-hemisphere) artists did at the time. It felt that the most important first-impression of any visual artwork was just not there. So What is Art without a striking FEELING to knock-out the viewer?

Artist of the HOW DOES IT FEEL project: Mariella Brandusa, Octavian Neagu, Saskia Te Nicklin, Jan Holmgaard.

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