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The TRAVELS Project

Still-Image from Signs of life exhibition in Gallery Katharsis , Art Project The travels, 2018 Copenhagen

The Travels is an Art Project about moving in a world that isn’t allways what it seems to be . The world is basically a changing game, kind of a puzzle of invisible pieces that have to be mached with very known and obvious parts. This project explores the places of our own minds in the perspective of our fisical location.

The TRAVELs project was first actual in the Cultural Space Katharsis in 1998 when the exhibition project “Hvaelvinger over Koebenhavn” was concieved.

So far the latest part of the  Art Project The Travels is “Signs of life” an exhibition hold in Gallery Katharsis,in 2018 Copenhagen.

The Travels Project was created by Mariella Brandusa and Octavian Neagu in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Artists participating at the project, Visual artists, actors, Photographers, philosofers, and many “in-betweeners”, religious comentators and so on, have all in common the feeling of experiencing a specific place in a unexpected way, as a different visual place.
In time this particular project was also linked to other projects created by artist and curator Octavian Neagu. (see also Fusion project and Glocal project), as well as Mariella Brandusa’s latest Project Insula can also be associated to the more directly original Travels project.
All those art projects feature many artists at different moments and all those projects were created as a genuine cultural-artistic research.
Arguably of course because Travels, travelers are arketypes and though open to personal experience regardless of nationality, religion or other such circumstancial restrictions.
As expected, the many Travels’ project manifestations gave richly ground to discutions, debates and a perfect occasion to learn.

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